What's new in version 2014?


In short - version 2014 is our greatest release ever. It has more features, better performance, less clutter and is 100% modern.

  • Our largest and the most challenging release ever.
  • Up to date with modern standards - HTML5, CSS3, Web 2.0 philosophy.
  • Address all the issues and the best of suggestions from our customers accumulated over the past 5 years.
  • 3 times more the amount of new features and improvements than any of our major releases in the past.

Much faster

  • Loads by up to 50% faster
  • Much faster auto-complete (especially JavaScript, PHP)
  • Find in files is up to several times faster
  • Can open a batch of files instantly without flickers
  • Works smoothly with larger files
  • Minimized visual flickers
  • Preferences window now opens in an instant

Improved text editor

  • Improved, more intuitive bracket auto complete
  • Support for ZEN-coding-style auto replacement
  • Pre-defined ZEN-coding-style auto replacement snippets
    Note: Full ZEN-coding development is planned for the first half of 2013
  • Esc now closes code hints

Improved syntax highlighting

  • Detailed editor color customization
  • Support for dark and creamy color schemes
  • Switchable color schemes - can be saved in a file and shared
  • PHP highlighting within JavaScript
  • Improved highlighting also for HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Improved Color Picker

  • Brilliant color picking circle
  • Support for rgb, rgba, hsl and hsla CSS color formats
  • Easy color lightness adjustment
  • Manual, web-compatible H, S, L, R, G, B value adjustment

Improved File Explorer

  • Column view is now available
  • Works faster

Improved Preview

  • Built-in modern, hassle-free Chrome (Webkit) preview
  • IE9 and IE10 (if installed) preview
  • Dual monitor support for the full-screen preview window
  • Refresh preview with a shortcut key (F5 by default)
  • Integration with the official CSS XRay

Visual and eye-candy

  • Cleaner, more modern user interface
  • Choice of several new or good old and forgotten Interface color schemes
  • Modern Open/Save dialog windows
  • Every dialog window is updated and modernized
  • New icons for the most important associated file types


  • FTP background transfers without interrupting work
  • Added support for FTPS and FTPES
  • Added key file support for SFTP
  • Open from / Save to FTP window now displays clickable navigation bar
  • Improved FTP interface and progress display
  • Improved FTP stability
  • Rename files with F2
  • Under FTP settings, FTP port is now changed automatically when you switch protocol

Updated Find and Find in Files

  • Proper Perl regular expression support
  • Much faster Find in Files
  • Sizable Find and Find in Files windows

Dynamic inline TODO support within projects

  • Supports standard markers TODO:, FIXME:, CHANGED: placed directly in any file
  • Works lightning fast

Better Project management

  • Quickly edit current Project properties
  • Have JavaScript, CSS and PHP libraries parsed and available in auto complete across the whole project
  • New folder can be created when creating new Project
  • Clickable Project name in status bar

Usability improvements

  • Mouse scrolling over panels now works properly
  • Smart Copy/Cut - if nothing selected uses the word at cursor
  • Smart Paste (default Shift+Ctrl+V) replaces word at cursor
  • Mouse hover over file Explorer shows current folder in status bar
  • Project window now pre-selects current Project
  • Reopen menu self-cleans from missing files
  • Easily open Windows explorer from built in File Explorer
  • Delete line shortcut now is changeable to satisfy everybody
  • Easier settings export/import to/from a single file

Crash recovery system

  • Don't lose even 10 seconds worth of coding
  • Restore all tabs, documents and cursor positions on recovery

True portable mode (Rapid PHP & WeBuilder only)

  • Changing portable drive letter is no more a problem
  • Setup can now install software directly on a portable drive

Improved customizability

  • Toolbars can now be docked on both sides of panels
  • External tools can be moved to any menu or toolbar and have keyboard shortcuts

Support for mobile development

  • Viewport tag assistant
  • Modern CSS media query assistant
  • Preview on differently sized screen areas

Supports CSS3 in great detail

  • New, up to date CSS3 definitions
  • Detailed CSS3 compatibility watch
  • Vendor prefix support in editor, auto complete and inspector
  • Improved CSS code Explorer
  • CSS formatter now fully supports CSS3
  • CSS compressor now fully supports CSS3
  • CSS validator now fully supports CSS3
  • Built-in, instant CSS prefixizer

CSS assistants

  • New CSS selector window supporting child and sibling selectors
  • One-click automated CSS formatting management (now there is simple bold, italic, font, color etc. that works intelligently based on code)
  • CSS shadow assistant
  • CSS gradient assistant
  • CSS box shadow expert
  • New CSS box properties assistant

SASS and LESS support

  • Syntax highlighiting
  • Most CSS editing features

New font window with Google font support

  • Better selection of the most common web safe fonts
  • Font window now shows preview of all fonts
  • Font window now assists with using Google fonts

Modern HTML features

  • Full HTML 5 support
  • Updated insert <script> feature
  • Updated, quicker CSS link insertion
  • Select content between tags now supports nesting
  • Updated special characters / entities window
  • Deprecated items have been replaced with corresponding CSS
  • New UL, OL list wizard
  • New TABLE, TD wizards
  • New HR wizard
  • New P (paragraph) wizard
  • Updated form field wizards, added ID field
  • Updated new HTML and CSS file wizards
  • Fixed and updated all old templates

Apache syntax highlighting and .htaccess file support (Rapid PHP & WeBuilder only)

Basic Python support (WeBuilder only)

  • Python syntax highlighting
  • Python file type support
  • Python comment support

Updated SQL features

  • Updated SQL syntax highlighter
  • Now supports SQLite and also MSSQL (experimental)
  • Now supports Explain command
  • SQL browser now shows all text fields


  • Write plugins in JavaScript (maybe also C++ and Pascal languages)
  • Plugins can insert or process text or create new files
  • Place plugins on menus or toolbars

Many other fixes and smaller updates

  • Improved: Help system
  • Improved: Better warning about locked files
  • Improved: Project library auto-refresh on adding new library file
  • Improved: Tooltips/hints avoid cursor – no more obstructed code
  • Improved: CSS auto complete now offers !important
  • Improved: PHP debugger works more smoothly
  • Improved: PHP formatter now treats line comments better
  • Fixed: Select text between brackets
  • Fixed: Eliminated slowdown connected with shortcuts and large number of library items
  • Fixed: File explorer file list no more jumps/scrolls upon containing long file names
  • Fixed: Fixed issue with double-quotes inside inline CSS code (Inspector)
  • Fixed: Minor Find in Files bugs
  • Fixed: Problems with some Cyrillic symbols
  • Fixed: JavaScript auto complete now shows functions beginning with $

Upgrade is easy and your old settings are saved

German, Russian versions are available

Works with Windows 8