What's new in version 2015?


Version 2015 is the best code editor we have ever made.

  • Built upon the most successful predecessor
  • Up to date with latest standards - HTML5, CSS3, Web 2.0 philosophy.
  • Address many of the best suggestions from our customers accumulated over the past 2 years.

Better HTML and CSS support

  • Updated HTML5 language specification
  • Updated CSS syntax highlighting
  • Updated CSS definitions according to latest standards and drafts
  • Updated CSS compatibility info
  • Updated CSS compressor for better CSS3 support
  • Updated CSS3 gradient generator
  • Updated LESS and SASS syntax highlighting
  • Added code collapse for CSS

Better JavaScript support

  • Improved JavaScript language definitions
  • Improved JavaScript auto complete
  • Improved JavaScript syntax highlighting
  • Improved jQuery support
  • Updated jQuery framework

Better PHP support

  • Updated PHP function list
  • phpDocumentor support
  • Updated PHP syntax highlighting – support for namespaces and new keywords as well as multiple bug-fixes
  • PHP variable highlighting in strings
  • Improved Find Declaration feature
  • TWIG highlighting

Heavily improved PHP auto complete

  • Chained calls are now supported for unlimited depth
  • phpDocumentor info is now used to show result type in auto complete where available for user functions, methods and properties for auto-complete
  • Improved lookup for local variables
  • Constants now show up in PHP auto complete

Improved text editor

  • Indent lines / guides
  • Quick color preview in the editor via mouse hover
  • 25 new syntax highlighting color schemes
  • Improved comment toggling
  • Cool DejaVu Sans Mono font is now bundled with the editor

Improved preview

  • Updated built-in Chrome preview
  • Address bar and refresh button added to full-screen preview
  • Improved cursor/preview synchronization with Chrome support


  • Tree-view for FTP/SFTP browsing
  • Drag and drop files to/from FTP tree
  • Details view in FTP/SFTP sidebar
  • Upload whole directories to FTP
  • Recursive CHMOD for whole directories

Improved framework support

  • Wordpress
  • CakePHP
  • Laravel
  • Zend Framework
  • Updated some existing frameworks
  • Open-source JavaScript-based framework scraper plugin for adding new frameworks

Improved tools

  • Updated Language Browser - now you can browse all installed frameworks
  • Asset dialog windows (for image, script, CSS etc. insertion) now remember last directory on a per project basis
  • User libraries for auto complete are now updated more dynamically
  • Faster find and replace in files


  • Easy plugin installation from web-based repository
  • Proper Emmet (ZEN-Coding) plugin with all the awesome features
  • DevDocs.io plugin
  • Improved plugin engine

Many other fixes and smaller updates

  • Improved: Accessibility and support for high DPI settings
  • Improved: Paste works when auto complete popup is open
  • Improved: Added SVG file format
  • Improved: Added JSON file format
  • Improved: Select Tag command now works better
  • Improved: Find All now always uses entire scope
  • Improved: Built-in web server now supports UTF-8
  • Improved: <?php is now used instead of <? as default setting
  • Improved: Localization in all languages
  • Improved: Multi-monitor support
  • Improved: SQL window
  • Improved: AltGr key behavior is now more consistent with other software
  • Fixed: Problem with Preview scrolling
  • Fixed: UTF-8 support in SQL browser
  • Fixed: Templates can now be saved easily in the template folder
  • Fixed: Copy with highlighting feature
  • Fixed: Open from web now supports Unicode
  • Fixed: Bug with mysqli auto complete
  • Fixed: Bugs with saving FTP and SQL settings in portable mode

Upgrade is easy and your old settings are saved

German, Russian, French, Hungarian, Dutch versions are available

Roadmap for 2015 - 2016

While we have implemented over 100 new features and fixes, we still have a lot of work to do to perfect and improve our code editor, so here is what we have in mind:

  • Introduce all-mighty search box that searches everything (it was planned for 2015, but we did not manage)
  • Add more powerful support for more programming languages and frameworks
  • Maybe: Introduce more powerful SQL features
  • Maybe: Create some sort of online/cloud-based code snippet library
  • Maybe: Introduce visual code navigator