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We use the Rapid PHP editor for all our web development work. It really helps us to accomplish more, thereby completing more projects on time, and in the end, keeping our customers happy.

— Steve Faleiro, CTO, Marketing Emailer

If you're on the fence - GET IT. It's totally worth the money, it's updated regularly and it's arguably the best PHP editor I've come across in my searching and trying many other programs.

— James Racine, iVenture Assets Ltd.

I have been hand-coding for 30+ years and I just want to say how I appreciate the way your software operates.

— Becky Perry, Designs by CM

In the mix of programs I tested Rapid PHP editor easily separated itself form the pack. There were plenty of programs that had 85% of the features I wanted and needed but Rapid PHP was everything.

— Jon Henderson, Ecreativeworks, Inc.

This is really setting a new standard in PHP development. Your programs work at my pace and I never have problems with them.

— Murray Chapman, Freelance Web Developer

We use Rapid PHP editor on a daily basis and it is a real time-saver, great tool.

There is simply not enough good words to describe what this program has done for my PHP development needs. Since using Rapid PHP, I have been more productive and development has been fun.

— Ben Wasley, Ben W Consulting LLC

This is one powerful, all-inclusive editor. Whether you only create PHP files, or use a wide variety of scripting languages (such as HTML and CSS), Rapid PHP editor will fulfill most, if not all, of your needs.

— Lee Underwood, Web Reference

I've been a software engineer for more than 20 years and have never had anything so great to work with, I use Rapid PHP editor 99% of the time now.

— Stephen Rivera, LogoGraphica Consulting, Inc.

I have been developing and consulting for the Web for over 16 years and never have been as pleased or as productive with a product as I am with Rapid PHP editor.

— Attilio Porretta, Zend Certified Engineer

You should charge more for it. Its one of the best development tools I have ever used and I've been in the IT field for over 28 years.

— Doug Stehr, IT Technical Consultant

Your team have done a wonderful job - makes my PHP programming so much easier.

— Paul Harding, Web Developer

I just wanted to thank you for making Rapid PHP such an amazingly useful and well thought out program!

— Ben Thomas, BTCentral Ltd

I tried it too and must say that it is one of the best editors I ever used.

— Karsten Tralst, Hitflip Media Trading GmbH

Blumental's PHP Editor is a small masterpiece of straightforward, helpful design.

— Gordon Crosse, Classical Composer and Programmer

It does not get in the way and enables one to do what one wishes to do with a minimum of effort.

— Peter Meyer, Hermetic Systems

All in all, a must-have PHP Developer IDE.

— Maz Young, StudioX Designs

This program is brilliant, and costs so little. It has every feature I have been looking for.

— Tom Beynon, Web Developer

For the price, your programs pack an impressive array of features into one convenient tool.

I've used Blumental's Rapid PHP for years and it gets better every year.

— P. Joseph Larson, Joe's Granite Labor

I have tried other PHP IDEs but absolutely none of them had what Rapid PHP had.

— Michael Bernat, Webmaster

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